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The Sitting Rising Test | New Richmond & Ellsworth WI | Spine Pro Chiropractic - How Long will you live? The Sitting Rising Test Can Predict if You Will Die in the Next 5 Years! Ever wonder how long you’re going to live? Of course, we all have, the Sitting Rising Test (SRT) based out of Brazilian study can help predict if you will die in the next five years. […]
The 5 Second Rule| New Richmond & Ellsworth WI | Spine Pro Chiropractic - The 5-Second Rule: Hurry pick it up and eat it – it will be okay! Researchers have finally proved that it is not safe to eat food that fell on the floor, in fact according to the Society of Microbiology’s Journal and Donald Schaffner, PHD, the widely accepted notion of quickly scooping up your food […]
Sleep – Why Some People Sleep Easier Than Others | Spine Pro Chiropractic | New Richmond & Ellsworth WI - EVER WONDER WHY SOME PEOPLE CAN WORK NIGHTS AND SLEEP EASILY DURING THE DAY? A new study from Tiina Pauno, a professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland found that many night workers actually have a variant in the genetic code that makes them less influenced by Melatonin and hence the circadian rhythm. They tested […]
“Killing Sacred Cows” – Chiropractor, Dr. Bernard from Spine Pro Chiropractic - “Killing Sacred Cows” by Garrett B. Gunderson Garrett’s book is a wonderful review of how the financial systems and advice of the past has prevented people from finding financial prosperity. This book makes you question 401K’s and classic retirement accounts with common sense. Basically, if your using the “follow-the-herd mentality” your in trouble if you […]
“Leadership When The Heat’s On” – Chiropractor, Dr. Bernard from Spine Pro Chiropractic - “Leadership When The Heat’s On” by Danny Cox If you don’t know Danny Cox’s story you should take the time to see how when faced with adversity you can make the best of it. Danny was one of the worlds best test pilots in the world, pushing supersonic speeds and one day was asked to […]
“Rhinoceros Success” – Chiropractor, Dr. Bernard from Spine Pro Chiropractic - Three books “Rhinoceros Success”, “Rhinocerotic Relativity”, and “Advanced Rhinocerology” by Scott Alexander The three books are a super fun series describing how success has many analogies to being a RHINO vs being a COW. Cows sit around all day chewing and waiting to be slaughtered while a rhino takes charge and have thick skin to […]
“The Magic of Believing” – Spine Pro Chiropractic - “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol A fun little book about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind to help make you more influential with life, problems and work. This book demonstrates how his personal journey allowed him to go on a mission to educate people about using the power of self to […]
“Think and Grow Rich” – Spine Pro Chiropractic - “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill For starters, this is a classic and a good view into the history at the time with associates such as Carnegie, presidents, Gandhi, Edison, Henry Ford just to name a few. This book really is about the power of the mind and achievement possibility. A very easy read […]
“The Barbarian Way” – Spine Pro Chiropractic - “The Barbarian Way” by Erwin Raphael McManus This book is commonly what I would consider a read that is really out of my wheelhouse. I seldom read religious books specifically and found this book to really be thought provoking as it relates to traditional organized religion. First, the author is a pastor who runs a […]
Yoga and You – Spine Pro Chiropractic | New Richmond & Ellsworth WI - Okay, I have been suggesting and even pushing my patients to add Yoga to existing work-outs or even as a stand alone for almost every person who I seen for years. First, it is one of the few exercises that promotes stretching, toning, core strength all with an aspect of inner reflection. My wife who […]

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