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We are proud of the testimonials that our New Richmond and Ellsworth, WI chiropractic clinics, have received. We invite you to click on the chiropractic clinic of your choice and either leave a review for yourself or read why you’ll receive the best chiropractic care at Dr. Bernard at Spine Pro Chiropractic.

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The first thing I needed when I moved to Hudson three and a half years ago and began rehabbing my 1940s house was a good hardware supplier. The second thing I needed was a chiropractor! Luckily, I found Dr. Greg Bernard, a man who kept me going through household accidents, ladder collapses, loads far too heavy to haul alone and much more. Rehabbing a house can play havoc with a woman. An excellent chiropractor can keep her going.

The house is finished but Dr. Bernard has continued to be my mainstay for complete skeletal/muscular well-being. Amazingly articulate and knowledgeable, he is my go-to man for health questions of every sort. I cannot say enough about his abilities and his intelligence. ‘Got a great house, got a fabulous chiropractor

Since I have been seeing Dr. Bernard, the pain in my knees has completely disappeared.  The stress in my back from construction work stays away longer.

Dr. Bernard takes the time to listen.  He cares about you as a person.  Due to various falls & accidents, I am forced to deal with aches, pains & headaches.  I also suffer from TMJ.  Chiropractic care has been a great help in my life.  It helps keep my headaches to a minimum and eases some of my pain.  The use of the Pro-Adjuster machine has been a source of relief for my TMJ as well (a much better/nicer way to deal with this than other methods).  Dr. Bernard has helped bring ‘normalcy’ to my life.  I often feel ‘reset’ as a person.