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Dr. Gregory Bernard

Chiropractor in New Richmond

Dr. Bernard grew up on a small farm in a small community and went to a small school. Yes, when you’re in a small community growing up – you have to think big. So, from a very young age, he knew he wanted to be a doctor to help people and improve the community.

After having an experience of “torticollis”, a condition where your neck gets locked into a position and experienced the ability of healing with just the use of hands and the fun relationships the doctor had with his patients – he was hooked.

He then attended St. John’s University, taking pre-med classes and getting a degree in Natural Sciences. He graduated in three years and started attending chiropractic school. At Northwestern College of Chiropractic he received an additional bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, a doctorate in chiropractic and an acupuncture certification.

Dr. Bernard has attended St. Johns University, Northwestern College of Chiropractic and the University of Health Sciences in Antigua.

He has two bachelor degrees, worked on two doctorates, and is certified in Acupuncture, Forensic Medicine, Independent Medical Examinations, Occupational Health and Sleep Medicine RPGST. He is also board eligible for Neurology and and has training in ACLS and BCLS. Dr, Bernard has consulted and worked for Health Partners, Fairview Hospitals, Dane Street, Whitney Sleep Centers and consults for Evaluated and other insurance companies.

Dr. Bernard consults for many attorneys. This includes but is not limited to: causation, injury mechanics, malpractice cases, fault, future care, and disability. Dr. Bernard has served on the board for United Way and Community Action and served on Board for Journal of Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Kyle Cress

Chiropractor in New Richmond

Dr. Cress grew up in a small western Wisconsin town. It was there he had his first experience with chiropractic as a patient. Initially, he was taken in for ear infections. As he went through high school he went regularly through the year as sports injuries and ailments added up. Time and again, the work of a chiropractor, gave him healing physically, as well as mentally. As a former athlete, Dr. Cress especially enjoys working with the youth.

The close personal relationships that can develop and the desire to help individuals and families on a deeper and broader level than just pain alone, drive Dr. Cress to become a better doctor each day. His ultimate goal is help patients one step at a time reach goals they never thought were attainable by meeting them where they are at and what they are ready for today. Dr. Cress strives to incorporate teaching of eating, movement, sleep, and mindfulness into his work as a chiropractor.

Outside of work at the clinic, Dr. Cress can be found next door, exercising at the Press Room, at home reading a book, practicing the guitar, tackling an outdoor endeavor and enjoying nature, attending a concert, and enjoying yoga or meditation.

He attended Ripon College, getting a degree in Psychobiology and a minor in Chemistry, while taking a variety of pre-med classes in biology, psychology, and chemistry. He also took a variety of classes in Philosophy. He graduated in four years and started anew at chiropractic school. At Northwestern Health Sciences University he received a doctorate in chiropractic, a nutrition certification, and a Graston certification (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization).

He has a bachelor degree, a doctorate degree, and certifications in nutrition and Graston.

Dr. Kyle Moore

Chiropractor in New Richmond

Dr. Moore grew up just outside of Madison in Sun Prairie, WI. Growing up he sought the care of chiropractors on occasion for various sports injuries but it wasnt until he was in a car accident in 2011 when he would truly learn the benefits and value of chiropractic.  While lifting weights and rehabbing from his car accident he would end up meeting his future mentor, a chiropractor who would help him heal through the use of chiropractic and inspire him to pursue a career as a chiropractor to help others experience the life changing benefits he had experienced.

For the last two years Dr. Moore has been practicing in Sun Prairie, WI at a clinic that utilizes both hands-on and instrument adjusting with the Pro Adjuster system.  

Chiropractic is more than just pain relief to Dr. Moore, it’s been a way of maintaining an excellent quality of life as naturally as possible by allowing him to be extremely active, experience better sleep, and maintain a healthy immune system.  He believes it’s an opportunity for us to be better versions of ourselves and to enjoy everything life has to offer, whether that mean trying to be a better athlete or accomplishing activities of daily living without pain. We all have goals for where we want to be in life and chiropractic can support making those goals a reality.

While not in the clinic Dr. Moore can be found at the gym lifting weights or training Brazilian jiu jitsu, golfing, snow boarding, kayaking, trying a new restaurant or attending a comedy show.


Dr. Moore attended Life University for his Doctorate of Chiropractic.  Dr. Moore has attended several Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin seminars.  He also attended several of The Extremity Expert Academy classes with Dr. Mitch Mally to grow his skill set beyond spine care. Lastly, he took the opportunity to train in Pittsburgh, PA with the creator of the Pro Adjustor to be more proficient in patient care.

Dr. Linden Pfeiffer

Chiropractor in New Richmond

Linden studied philosophy and natural science at the University of North Dakota with the intent of becoming a medical doctor and helping people.  During his studies and searching himself, he chose to attend Chiropractic School instead of Medical School.  Primarily because medical doctors seemed very limited in their treatment of people, they were either putting something into people or taking something out to TRY and make them well.

Linden knew the body had the amazing ability to maintain health if it had everything it needs to do it.  Case in point, you cut your finger, the body gets to work ASAP to clot the blood, bring white blood cells there to kill any bacteria and starts to heal the cut.  The philosophy of Chiropractic (The Body Heals from the Inside Out), resonated with Linden and drew him to Chiropractic.

Since graduating, Dr Pfeiffer has received extensive training in sports injuries (Pro-Sport and Pro-Rodeo treating doctor), pediatrics certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, personal injury training (literally 100’s of hours), plus 20 years of helping 1000’s of people improve their lives with Chiropractic.

Dr. Pfeiffer was born and raised in ND, he is an avid outdoorsman, played various sports (wrestling, football, Rugby, baseball, BMX), loves fishing and motorcyles, snowmobiles and anything on the water.  A father of 3 who has seen Chiropractic help his kids stay healthy and function optimally.

Dr. Katelynn Main

Physical Therapist in New Richmond

Dr. Katelynn Main grew up on a dairy farm in Osakis, MN. While working as a nursing assistant during undergraduate school, she found her passion for helping people stay active and live more independently. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from College of St. Benedict and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from St. Catherine University.

During the past 4.5 years, Dr. Katelynn had been practicing physical therapy at United Hospital where she has treated many types of patient diagnoses including cardiac, orthopedic, general medicine, neurologic, and respiratory. She has extensive experience working with post- operative spine and joint replacement patients as well. Dr. Katelynn plans to obtain the Orthopedic Specialist Certification in the next couple years.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Katelynn enjoys spending time with her husband and children, gardening, and visiting as many National Parks as possible. She is very excited to join the team and treat patients within her community.

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